About FEST

FEST is a Physical Theatre company.

We create physical theatre at the crossroad of dance and theatre.
We create original theatre shows starting from ideas that intrigue us.
Our performances deal with the “human condition”.
What do we need to live, to survive, to be happy?

The following elements are the foundation of our existence:

  • ucking
  • ating
  • leeping
  • heatre

Improvisation and physical transformation are the basis of our devising work. This results in original theater performances where we communicate our experiences with the audience.
We hope to inspire the world as the world inspires us. Our goal is to develop a universal visual language.

Ann Willemsen and Manu Luyten, two Belgian theatre artists, founded the company in 2013.
As a team they share all artistic and management responsibilities.
On a project basis they seek collaboration with other artists and researchers.

As an artist we make a difference in this world.